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Founder Packs

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Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:59 pm

What are founders? Our Founders are those who helped fund the server before it opened to the public.

What makes the founder items "special"?These items are only available during "Founding Month" which is November 2017. After the founder month is over nobody will be able to get the items again.

What are the Founder Packs? We have 3 different Founder Packs. It's a bundle of items put together for this purpose only.
  • Heimdall - $25 3 Donation Coins, Evil Eyes +2 all stats & Red Bio Aura +2 all stats
  • Night - $50 5 Donation Coins 1 Manual Box, Anubis Helm +3 all stats & Golden Angel Wings +3 all stats, when worn together combo... 3% Chance of auto casting Kyrie Eleison Level 3 on User
  • Lofn- $75 10 Donation Coins, 1 Manual Box, + 3 all stats Demonic Wing, + 3 all stats Large Baphomet Helm, + 3 all stats Black Magic, Combo autocasts on attacker Level 1 Dispell at 5% (wings & helm ), Combo with all 3 items enables WindWalk lvl 10

    To Order your founders pack which will be Rewarded the first week of the server ( Dec 1st is opening day ) Go to...

    We are very thankful for your support and encouragement to bring back Aki-RO through out the years!


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